Raytrace 3D inside after-effects based on fonts

After-Efefcts 3D using extruded fonts


By extruding text in After-Effects CS6, using the raytrace engine, you can actually build real 3D figures, including shadows and reflection. The above image is entirely made in AE CS6, without using any plugin’s. The spheres and the bars connecting them are actually extruded points. Like this .

Be prepared for some long rendertimes. 1-minute animation on my dual-quad core mobile workstation 24 hours + …



AE CS6 under water camera tracking – 3D text

Probably the first under water 3D camera track using Adobe After-Effects CS6 – added some 3D txt, a shadow catcher and some bubbles. The Smart was already parked on the only free parking spot available around Nemo 33. After tracking in After-Effects, I exported the camera to 3D studio Max 2013 using the great AE3DExport script by urbanspaceman. I added some floating teapots and rendered everything back to AE for compositing. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.



Using GO PRO @ Nemo33 Brussels by Jiemde.