Giant iPhone mock-up

While working with Deli, created a giant iPhone (no copyright infringement intended!) for us, driven by -oh irony- a 40″ Samsung screen.  (mental note: to be replaced by an apple TV when available).

Based on an original concept by Reinhilde from for Takeda.

The iPhone plays a giant animation to show off the brand new PanosApp, available in the appstore. Two pieces available for rent!

giant iPhone, 40 " screen


Resolume dreammachine


After a lot of tweaking and testing this “dreammachine for resolume” is for rent as from 01/01/2013.

Up to 4 blended/warped realtime outputs, full HD1080.

Ssd disks, i7, decklink studio realtime capture, Osc-enabled, all in one handy flightcase.


Roadcompanion trailer

Today will be the first real test of the resolume/touchOSC-setup, as I will be trialing in public. The friends over at Roadcompanion asked me to create live visuals during their try-out on stage, using multiple blended projectors and an extra 40″ totem. Public dates to follow!

The setup:

1 iPhone with the Epoccam HD app

1 workstation running Resolume Avenue  , touch OSC Editor and the Epoccam drivers

1 iPad running TouchOSC over wifi

2 projectors and a 40inch Samsung Display

1 triplehead2go, DP edition

1 box of cables, adaptors and ducktape

1 mental vj

The concept:

Images and videos are recorded with the EOS 5D, animated and  prepared in After-Effects CS6 and rendered out using the DXV-codec 2.2. During the live performance the audio coming from the PA is analysed and routed into Resolume. The ipad is used to control the active layers and effects and to manage the show over Open Sound Control.

The videostream coming from the Epoccam HD app on the iphone is directshowed into a Resolume slot and live mixed with the images/videos/resolume generated lines.

The goal:

Pure fun and visual beauty 😉




Raytrace 3D inside after-effects based on fonts

After-Efefcts 3D using extruded fonts


By extruding text in After-Effects CS6, using the raytrace engine, you can actually build real 3D figures, including shadows and reflection. The above image is entirely made in AE CS6, without using any plugin’s. The spheres and the bars connecting them are actually extruded points. Like this .

Be prepared for some long rendertimes. 1-minute animation on my dual-quad core mobile workstation 24 hours + …



Multiscreen control using iPad – touchOSC/Resolume Arena

Working on a concept for a multiscreen setup, using up to 4 blended and bézier-mapped projectors,  based on resolume arena, combined with a black magic capture card for real-time powerpoint/keynote playback. All controled using an user adaptable control pannel running over wifi on an iPad sending out osc-controls.

If anyone has some experience with this kind of setup, I am always interested in your opinion and/or experiences!

I am at the stage of a working prototype, waiting to receive a triple head to go and some additional projectors to test.

UPDATE: I did found a lot of information on the site of Martin Thoburn and made my own template based on the files I found there.


touchosc:, available on the appstore in combination with the touchOscEditor



Jump start After-Effects CS6

After-Effects CS6 IconMet de komst van de Adobe Creative Cloud formule kan je op een vrij eenvoudige en betaalbare manier starten met After-Effects.

Ben je grafisch ontwerper, monteur of web-ontwikkelaar en wil je je werk naar een hoger niveau tillen door er video en animatie aan toe te voegen, contacteer me dan nog vandaag voor een Jump-Start-Cursus After-Effects.

Na drie dagen maak je je eigen composities en exporteer je video vol effecten naar flash, mp4 of youtube.

Alle nieuwe tools in de CS6 versie werden ondertussen in de cursus geintegreerd, dus leer je meteen ook een camera te tracken, 3D-tekst te gebruiken of de ray-trace engine te gebruiken.


Contacteer me voor een offerte!

AE CS6 under water camera tracking – 3D text

Probably the first under water 3D camera track using Adobe After-Effects CS6 – added some 3D txt, a shadow catcher and some bubbles. The Smart was already parked on the only free parking spot available around Nemo 33. After tracking in After-Effects, I exported the camera to 3D studio Max 2013 using the great AE3DExport script by urbanspaceman. I added some floating teapots and rendered everything back to AE for compositing. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.



Using GO PRO @ Nemo33 Brussels by Jiemde.


After-Effects CS6 – Creative Cloud

Door de beschikbaarheid van Adobe Creative Cloud kan je nu op een heel erg economische manier starten met After-Effects.


Als je zin hebt om After-Effects CS6 te ontdekken, neem dan snel contact op voor een offerte op maat voor een boost-training of workshop.

Ik maak met plezier een offerte op maat voor een startopleiding of een diepgaande training en kom altijd eerst vrijblijvend langs om de mogelijkheden te bespreken.

Ik werk tijdens de training het liefst met jouw eigen materiaal en kan je begeleiden bij je eerste eigen project in after-effects.


Deze training kan ook in combinatie met Adobe Première Pro en/of 3D studio MAX 2013 als je voor de complete integratie van video en 3D wil gaan.

Profiteer dus van de zomer om te starten met after-effects en contacteer me vandaag nog via de contactpagina.

Last Tilt-Shift in Paris – now using Adobe Photoshop CS6 TS Blur Filter

Just for fun and to celebrate the new filters in Photoshop, i remade the tilt-shift animation as seen on this post.

To overcome the photoshop limitation of not being able to use the new filters on a videolayer, I had to make a png-sequence out of them and created a litle droplet with the brand new CS6 tilt-shift action in it.



Infrabel multiscreen

Lowstreetmedia supported Infrabel’s corporate communication departement in the realization of their multiscreen synchronized animation setup, explaining visitors of the main Infrabel entrance the three key-values of Infrabel.

Concept and copyright by Infrabel Corporate Communication
Display design, production and mounting by
Hardware provided by