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The sound of tomorrow

I’ve been involved in a great trackingadventure commissioned by These Days/Mazda/Mojuice. See below for the behind the scenes movie.

I explain the concept in the movie as from 0:56. Enjoy!

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A rollercoaster year

2015 has been a rollercoaster year for lowstreetmedia. Over the year I had the chance to work with the top crew at XL Video on some great, inspiring and challenging projects.

I was involved in mapping out French TV Channel M6’s Rising Star Live television shows, supported multiple Opera productions for ‘De Munt’ (Brussels Opera House), made the Lightfestival Ghent light up, toured a bit with Arsenal’s DANCE DANCE DANCE filmproject and survived a full festivalseason of visual bandsupport on Best Kept Secret Festival, Graspop, Rock Werchter and Pukkelpop.

I had the chance to work with the famous VYV Photon Media Servers and installed the first d3 4X4 Pro in Belgium.

But this year has come to an end now and as from November the first, Lowstreetmedia 2.0 will start again servicing the video-, mapping- and showcontrolmarket.

So if you have a project, do not hesitate to contact me using the contactpage!



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d3 fundamentals trainer

I’ve been quite busy last months, working on a fixed interactive ledwallinstallation based on the d3 technologies 4×4 pro with a dazzling 16 HD outputs.

In the mean time I was certified as a d3 Fundamentals Trainer, so for all your training needs in d3, in French, Dutch or English, do not hesitate to contact me!


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Lightfest Ghent

Long time no post 😉 I have been very busy lately, currently preparing Lightfest Ghent 2015 with XL Video.

Resolume, D3, Watchout and a lot of projectors. Make sure to visit this lightfestival last week-end of january.



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We wrote history

Working with the great (both Belgian and US ) XL Video team, lowstreet media was asked to program the videomappings and final videoroutingsetup for Tomorrowworld 2013 in Atlanta last Month, and to route those video’s live during the 3-day dance event.

It was an honor to work with all those super professional people and to work for one of the best organised festivals in the world.

Picture copyright


Yesterday is history, tomorrow mistery, those days were a gift!

And here it is, the official aftermovie:


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RW 2013 – Take the crown tour | Behind the scenes

The Robbie Williams channel posted a ‘behind the scenes video’ about the screen and stage design for the Take the Crown 2013 Stadiumtour on youtube.


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Mini NOT NORMAL – Behind the scenes

There is a ‘behind the scenes picture story’ available about the inside of the #miniartbeat #notnormal car.


Picture copyright MINI – all pictures and the full story on the website

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The guys over at KKLD build a vine+twitter=moving digital signage solution by wrapping 48.000 pixels over a driving mini, wich you can light up by sending in your own video and tags. The car is currently driving around London.

Once your video has been shown on the car, you receive a youtubelink with your ‘performance’.

More on there page

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God is a VJ


Lowstreetmedia has been asked to perform live during the DJ set of Faithless @ Mainstage Couleur Cafe Brussels this friday. So gearing up and preparing to make it a great show and a big party!

Show starts around midnight.

For VJ-work, workshops, motion design or permanent visual installations, do not hesitate to contact me!


Giant iPhone mock-up

While working with Deli, created a giant iPhone (no copyright infringement intended!) for us, driven by -oh irony- a 40″ Samsung screen.  (mental note: to be replaced by an apple TV when available).

Based on an original concept by Reinhilde from for Takeda.

The iPhone plays a giant animation to show off the brand new PanosApp, available in the appstore. Two pieces available for rent!

giant iPhone, 40 " screen


Spice Girls LED Taxis

First use I know of in ledwrapping a car has been used by The Spice Girls on the Olympics closing ceremony in London 2012. Still a beautifull project.



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Resolume dreammachine


After a lot of tweaking and testing this “dreammachine for resolume” is for rent as from 01/01/2013.

Up to 4 blended/warped realtime outputs, full HD1080.

Ssd disks, i7, decklink studio realtime capture, Osc-enabled, all in one handy flightcase.

Do more with less

I will be presenting at the d-side event “Do more with Less” tomorrow 12/12/12 at 12:12 at D-side Village Brussels.

More like in more impact, more possibilities, more creativity. Less like in less.

All info on



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Roadcompanion trailer

Today will be the first real test of the resolume/touchOSC-setup, as I will be trialing in public. The friends over at Roadcompanion asked me to create live visuals during their try-out on stage, using multiple blended projectors and an extra 40″ totem. Public dates to follow!

The setup:

1 iPhone with the Epoccam HD app

1 workstation running Resolume Avenue  , touch OSC Editor and the Epoccam drivers

1 iPad running TouchOSC over wifi

2 projectors and a 40inch Samsung Display

1 triplehead2go, DP edition

1 box of cables, adaptors and ducktape

1 mental vj

The concept:

Images and videos are recorded with the EOS 5D, animated and  prepared in After-Effects CS6 and rendered out using the DXV-codec 2.2. During the live performance the audio coming from the PA is analysed and routed into Resolume. The ipad is used to control the active layers and effects and to manage the show over Open Sound Control.

The videostream coming from the Epoccam HD app on the iphone is directshowed into a Resolume slot and live mixed with the images/videos/resolume generated lines.

The goal:

Pure fun and visual beauty 😉




Raytrace 3D inside after-effects based on fonts

After-Efefcts 3D using extruded fonts


By extruding text in After-Effects CS6, using the raytrace engine, you can actually build real 3D figures, including shadows and reflection. The above image is entirely made in AE CS6, without using any plugin’s. The spheres and the bars connecting them are actually extruded points. Like this .

Be prepared for some long rendertimes. 1-minute animation on my dual-quad core mobile workstation 24 hours + …



Linkedin Maps

If you are on linkedIn, you can generate a visual map of your connections and their connections, dividing them by industry. Google Plus Circles avant la lettre quoi …

Check it for yourself on On the site, your map is also interactive, so click away to get the latest info about your contacts.