QR light sign (wandlamp/applique/wall light) – like digital signage, but with a twist

An old idea that never made it to the blog . If interested, we can make one for you too.

It’s a led-based wall light with integrated QR-code. So no more reprinting signs, just change the content behind the embedded link in the QR-code. Colors can be changed to the mood of the moment – or OSCwise linked to watherver application you would like to use. Processing, Resolume, D3, …

If you ever make or use one, please send me a picture!


Multiscreen control using iPad – touchOSC/Resolume Arena

Working on a concept for a multiscreen setup, using up to 4 blended and bézier-mapped projectors,  based on resolume arena, combined with a black magic capture card for real-time powerpoint/keynote playback. All controled using an user adaptable control pannel running over wifi on an iPad sending out osc-controls.

If anyone has some experience with this kind of setup, I am always interested in your opinion and/or experiences!

I am at the stage of a working prototype, waiting to receive a triple head to go and some additional projectors to test.

UPDATE: I did found a lot of information on the site of Martin Thoburn and made my own template based on the files I found there.

resolume: http://www.resolume.com

touchosc: http://hexler.net/software/touchosc, available on the appstore in combination with the touchOscEditor



Last Tilt-Shift in Paris – now using Adobe Photoshop CS6 TS Blur Filter

Just for fun and to celebrate the new filters in Photoshop, i remade the tilt-shift animation as seen on this post.

To overcome the photoshop limitation of not being able to use the new filters on a videolayer, I had to make a png-sequence out of them and created a litle droplet with the brand new CS6 tilt-shift action in it.