Closing time

All beautifull things come to an end at a certain point in time.

As from 26/12/2019 will not receive any further updates, as I am closing the company. I had the most wonderfull time working with the most wonderfull people in the industry.

Thanks to all who made this journey possible. Love you all.


Face Sessions

I am invited to host one of the Face Sessions on the 2017 Face Seminar.

I will discuss the Notchworkflow behind the TZN 2017 Tour, so all of you interested to attend, register on time!

The sound of tomorrow

I’ve been involved in a great trackingadventure commissioned by These Days/Mazda/Mojuice. See below for the behind the scenes movie.

I explain the concept in the movie as from 0:56. Enjoy!

A rollercoaster year

2015 has been a rollercoaster year for lowstreetmedia. Over the year I had the chance to work with the top crew at XL Video on some great, inspiring and challenging projects.

I was involved in mapping out French TV Channel M6’s Rising Star Live television shows, supported multiple Opera productions for ‘De Munt’ (Brussels Opera House), made the Lightfestival Ghent light up, toured a bit with Arsenal’s DANCE DANCE DANCE filmproject and survived a full festivalseason of visual bandsupport on Best Kept Secret Festival, Graspop, Rock Werchter and Pukkelpop.

I had the chance to work with the famous VYV Photon Media Servers and installed the first d3 4X4 Pro in Belgium.

But this year has come to an end now and as from November the first, Lowstreetmedia 2.0 will start again servicing the video-, mapping- and showcontrolmarket.

So if you have a project, do not hesitate to contact me using the contactpage!



We wrote history

Working with the great (both Belgian and US ) XL Video team, lowstreet media was asked to program the videomappings and final videoroutingsetup for Tomorrowworld 2013 in Atlanta last Month, and to route those video’s live during the 3-day dance event.

It was an honor to work with all those super professional people and to work for one of the best organised festivals in the world.

Picture copyright


Yesterday is history, tomorrow mistery, those days were a gift!

And here it is, the official aftermovie:



The guys over at KKLD build a vine+twitter=moving digital signage solution by wrapping 48.000 pixels over a driving mini, wich you can light up by sending in your own video and tags. The car is currently driving around London.

Once your video has been shown on the car, you receive a youtubelink with your ‘performance’.

More on there page

Giant iPhone mock-up

While working with Deli, created a giant iPhone (no copyright infringement intended!) for us, driven by -oh irony- a 40″ Samsung screen.  (mental note: to be replaced by an apple TV when available).

Based on an original concept by Reinhilde from for Takeda.

The iPhone plays a giant animation to show off the brand new PanosApp, available in the appstore. Two pieces available for rent!

giant iPhone, 40 " screen


QR light sign (wandlamp/applique/wall light) – like digital signage, but with a twist

An old idea that never made it to the blog . If interested, we can make one for you too.

It’s a led-based wall light with integrated QR-code. So no more reprinting signs, just change the content behind the embedded link in the QR-code. Colors can be changed to the mood of the moment – or OSCwise linked to watherver application you would like to use. Processing, Resolume, D3, …

If you ever make or use one, please send me a picture!